Welcome to Razerup, a team of Chicago app developers. We develop innovative apps that deliver results in the shortest turn-around time. Geared towards startups and fast growth companies, our agile methodology allows companies to leverage unlimited changes to project scope and hence remain abreast of the market changes.

We extend the reach of brands, allowing them to leverage the disruptive technologies to better connect with and digitally engage their customers. In the end, we aid brands propel their business to greater visibility, increasing brand awareness and conversions.

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Native Apps | UI Design/Mobile UX | Responsive Website | Cross-Platform Hybrid/HTML5

At Razerup our vision is to develop universal apps — ones that deliver the same level of engagement and interaction to users across all platforms. We have continuously expanded our base of operations to include a diverse range of app platforms, including:

UI Design/Mobile UX

Develop intuitive UI/UX design that simplifies interaction and significantly reduces the learning curve for your target audience. Our dedicated team of UX/UI designers is committed to designing clean, simple, and intuitive interfaces with the end user in mind. Our vast knowledge and experience working with major mobile platforms allows us to deliver designs tailor-made to the unique needs of the app.

Responsive Websites

Streamline and easily manage user-experience on your website across devices with responsive websites and apps. Our solutions are focused on enhancing user experience and complementing your existing mobile offerings and online strategy.


Develop cross-platform applications for greater reach and visibility. We have the experience and the expertise in developing hybrid or HTML5 based app solutions that leverage the latest web technologies to enhance for and efficiency for your app across diverse platforms.

Our team shares a passion for rapid agile development processes, and is committed to our culture that values forward thinking, and taking a proactive approach to solving your problems. With every app, our team always goes the extra mile, taking time to listen to your needs and understanding your objectives and strategic goals to plan, design, develop, and deliver exceptional apps.

Native App Development

Develop robust apps that leverage the specific features of your target device. Our team remains abreast of mobile technology and industry trends with a focus on product updates and OS upgrades. Hence, we develop native apps with a focus on leveraging built in capabilities to create code that runs fasters, a design that is highly intuitive, and an app that offers maximum engagement.

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  • Location services allow the app to determine a user’s current location by GPS.
  • We include push notifications to connect with your users anytime.
  • Our in-app purchase feature allows users to purchase directly from the apps.
  • We offer external API integration for the apps.
  • We offer customized retina graphics for the Android apps.

Our Recent Apps From Different Industries

  • Health Care
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Photography

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